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Usage Guide

StateGo is used in my main business, game development.
But the time we spend on the development of StateGo itself is very limited, only on weekends.


That's why I haven't been able to add or fix the features in time, and I haven't been able to add documents or fix the past articles in time.


In particular, I'm very sorry that some of the references we prepared in the middle of the project don't match the current situation.


We are planning to improve the speed of documentation by upgrading the web tools to solve this situation.


What can we do to help StateGo users learn [without hesitation]? So I've put together a little explanation and links to related documents.


Please use it.


For the first time


There is a Unity tutorial available.
Other languages can do roughly the same thing, so I recommend reading it.


Below is a collection of links to articles for beginners.


The basic operations of StateGo (in reference)


Reference Guide

The user guide is referenced from the "?" mark in StateGo. mark in StateGo.
Additional features after the reference was created are not supported.


About state machine
About template and conversion
Output to source
Embed and Comment state



To master


Copy and Inheritance
Thubnail and link
Integration with Visual Studio Code
Integration with Visual Studio 2015,2015,2019
Copy Collection
How to use the latest stater kit


About specification


State(in reference)
Item name(in reference)
Function template(in reference)
MACRO(in reference)
Output(in reference)
Setting(in reference)




Mouse operation list (in reference)
Shortcut list (in reference)