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About state machine

What is state machine

StateGo is a tool that generates the state machine from which it gets its name.


A state machine consists of multiple states and multiple transitions that connect them, and as the name of the machine suggests, it works exactly as designed.


The visual representation of the state machine is called a "State Transition Diagram".


StateGo is a tool to design a state transition diagram.


State Transition Diagram = (Equal) Flowchart


Many of you may not be familiar with state transition diagrams.


You can think of it as a flowchart because it works in chronological order and the point of branching is the same.


SteteGo State


A StateGo state is made up of a state name, a comment, a processing part, and a branch.
At the branching part, an arrow line is drawn to indicate the transition to the state corresponding to each branch.


In the case of progressive processing without a split, an arrow line is drawn from the back of the processing part.


The program itself is written in the processing section and the branching section.


The program is rearranged by the template prepared for the programming language and the platform and converted into the final program source.