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StateGo's latest release is Beta 10.
There are no time limits or feature limitations.
You can use all the features for free.


This tool and the website is made by myself only.
Furthermore, I'm working for a game project in a game Company.


So, the web site in English does not have enough information of StateGo.


I recommend to go to Japanses web site and use translation tool to get the detail.


  • Windows 10
  • 6/28/2020 Beta10 Version 0.65.5617

    Rease Note


    Copy Collection


    It is now easier to reuse states. This will greatly increase your efficiency.


    Added Reset feature in File Menu


    Added "Reset" to the file menu. Resetting to just START and END.


    Improvement of source editor setting


    Allows you to auto-populate prescribed commands to Visual Studio 2015, 2017, 2019 and Code.
    You can change multiple StateGo source editors at the same time, as the language and platform are recorded on the PC as IDs.


    Added a option that enables or not comment in State


    new state is created.
    This option allows you to turn off the addition of comments.
    Use this option if comments are annoying.


    Moved StateGo Window List


    You can now see a list of all StateGo's running and click to move them.
    It is now always displayed at the bottom center of the left panel, which used to be displayed on the menu bar.
    This makes it easier to move to other StateGo's.

    Release History

    • BETA-9 Released.(4/25/2020)
    • BETA-8 Released.(1/25/2020)
    • BETA-7 Released.(11/28/2019)
    • BETA-6 Released.(10/12/2019)
    • BETA-5 Released.(8/13/2019)
    • BETA-4 Released.(7/15/2019)
    • BETA-3 Released.(6/2/2019)
    • BETA-2 Released.(5/5/2019)
    • BETA-1 Released.(4/16/2019)
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