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  • Windows 10
  • 2021/5/30 Beta14 Version 0.69.15095

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    Beta 14 Release note (2021/5/30)


    Insert "DoNotEdit" mark function


    In order to reduce the number of mistakes made by accidental editing, it is now possible to insert "DoNotEdit" mark in the source code



    The setting can be made by selecting "Window menu" > "Convert settings" > "No edit mark" > "ON" or "OFF".


    Change the text box used for source editing to Scintilla.


    Introduced the source editing GUI Scintilla.



    This allows us to use the following functions

    • Add color by lexical analysis
    • Indent selections by tabbing
    • Zoom in and out with Ctrl + Wheel
    • Ctrl + S to finish editing


    Adjustments and bug fixes

    Adjustments and bug fixes have been made.


    The below things are previous releases.

    2020/12/14 Beta13 Version 0.68.584

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    Beta 13 Release note (2020/12/14)


    Added Go features


    Go language Starter kit and samples are avilable.


    Added Camel Conversion Macros

    $uc:WORD$ ... Upper Camel
    例) $uc:hoge_hoge$ → Hogehoge

    $lc:WORD$ ... Lower Camel
    例) $uc:hoge_hoge$ → hogeHoge


    Added Camel Feature into Function Template

    [[itemname>>uc]] ... Upper Camel
    例) state = S_Hoge_Control
    [[state>>uc]] → SHogeControl

    [[itemname>>lc]] ... Lowe Camel
    例) state = S_Hoge_Control
    [[stata>>uc]] → sHogeControl


    Moved Copy Collection's Cache and Trash folders to System Temporay folder

    Items in Collection folder are stored in StateGoWork folder.


    Fixed Visual Studio Code Launching

    You can jump into correct line in the file on VSCODE from StateGo.


    Stopped using old Starter kit set.

    Because Excel feature is not default any more.


    Adjustments and bug fixes

    Adjustments and bug fixes have been made.

    2020/11/3 Beta12 Version 0.67.610

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    Beta 12 Release note (2020/11/3)


    Output mermaid Flow-Chart


    Added mermaid Flow-Chart Output feature.


    How to use


    On Window menu, click [File]->[Output]->[Flow chart].


    Click to play movie.


    Scramble text


    Added Scrambling text feature.


    Click to play movie.


    You can hide information to show the screen short on public.




    Added HaxeJapanese programming Nadesiko Starterkit in the installer.



    Adjustments and bug fixes


    Adjustments and bug fixes have been made.


    That's all.

    2020/8/12 Beta11 Version 0.66.5030

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    Beta 11 release notes


    A collection of "loops" and "subroutine calls" from the starter kit


    A preset section has been added to the copy collection, from which the collections provided in the Starter Kit are now available.
    The Starter Kit contains a collection of "loops" and "subroutine calls" that can be used in the following ways
    You can use it as follows


    1. Open the Copy Collection dialog
    2. Select Preset
    3. Drag and drop the collection you want to use to copy it into the edit panel
    4. Change what you want to use


    # Example



    Comment out in summary


    Added the ability to comment out multiple states at once.
    It is used as follows


    1. Select multiple states that you want to comment out.
    2. Select "Comment Out" from the context menu


    If you want to undo this, use the [CTRL + Z] shortcut, or use the blank context menu, and then click [History] => [Revert].




    Move the location of the window list (again)


    It was moved in Beta10, but it did not improve usability, so it was returned to the original window menu.
    To improve the display, you can now select a window from the dialog.



    Added a shortcut view to the menu.


    Shortcuts have been included in some of the menu items.
    Frequently used functions have been substituted with shortcuts.
    Please use them.



    Starter kits Update


    As mentioned at the beginning of this release note, a 'Collection of Subroutine Calls and Looping Features' has been added to all start kits.


    Other changes are as follows



    New starter kits

    • NASM
    • Unity not monobehaviour



    Starter kits that has been added "Calling subroutine" and "Loop" features.

    • PHP
    • Python
    • Delphi
    • Swift


    The following page is available for checking feature support.


    Starter kit



    Adjustments and bug fixes


    Adjustments and bug fixes have been made.


    Non-Installer ZIP version available


    A ZIP version that does not require an installer is now available.


    See the followign page.


    Manual installtion using Zip file

    6/28/2020 Beta10 Version 0.65.5617

    Rease Note


    Copy Collection


    It is now easier to reuse states. This will greatly increase your efficiency.


    Added Reset feature in File Menu


    Added "Reset" to the file menu. Resetting to just START and END.


    Improvement of source editor setting


    Allows you to auto-populate prescribed commands to Visual Studio 2015, 2017, 2019 and Code.
    You can change multiple StateGo source editors at the same time, as the language and platform are recorded on the PC as IDs.


    Added a option that enables or not comment in State


    new state is created.
    This option allows you to turn off the addition of comments.
    Use this option if comments are annoying.


    Moved StateGo Window List


    You can now see a list of all StateGo's running and click to move them.
    It is now always displayed at the bottom center of the left panel, which used to be displayed on the menu bar.
    This makes it easier to move to other StateGo's.

    Release History

    • BETA-9 Released.(4/25/2020)
    • BETA-8 Released.(1/25/2020)
    • BETA-7 Released.(11/28/2019)
    • BETA-6 Released.(10/12/2019)
    • BETA-5 Released.(8/13/2019)
    • BETA-4 Released.(7/15/2019)
    • BETA-3 Released.(6/2/2019)
    • BETA-2 Released.(5/5/2019)
    • BETA-1 Released.(4/16/2019)
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