You and I will be able to program visually in all computer languages with StateGo.

Visual Programming Tool StateGo

What is StateGo

StataGo is a visual programming tool that supports both "design of process flow" and "program implementation" and has the possiblity to be used in all programming languages.


StateGo is not a complete visual programming that covers all aspects of programming.


It is a tool for programming in cooperation with conventional programming.


StateGo does very simple source code conversion.
Therefore, you can proceed with development using the advantages of both visual programming and conventional text programming.


It is possible to realize "complex logic that is difficult for beginners' visual programming" and "visual programming that could only be used in specialized fields" because this is only possible with visual programming that can coexist with traditional text.


StateGo provides a new form of programming environment where you can design and implement the flow of processes visually at the same time.


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    ŠThe following is a brief description of StateGo.


    Design the process flow


    StateGo is a tool to design a 'process flow'.
    It describes the process of a process step by step just like a flowchart.



    Write programning as is


    The box for processing is called a state.
    Write your program in the state





    The program stored in the state will be relocated by the template and converted into an executable program.



    Support for all programming languages


    You can modify the template to make it applicable to any programming language.


    Programming languages that be enabled as visual programming using StateGo:
    Typescript(Anguler), Bash, C, C++, C#, C#(Unity), VBA(Excel), Javascript, Python, Rust, Tyranoscript, Visaul Basic, Win-bat, Delphi, Swift, PHP


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